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Maroon 5 - This Love (Official Music Video) 2021

Watch this video on YouTubeClick to load video4: MemoriesThe one that caught us all by surprise. The sudden release of this brand-new track in September 2019 has all the makings of an enduring Maroon 5 song. This stripped-back, gently lilting pop cut has a gorgeous melody and is going to be all over radio across the autumn. You know that early-evening moment on an idyllic beach as the sun slowly sets at the end of summer? It sounds like this.

Maroon 5 - This Love (Official Music Video)

"This Love" is the second single from rock band Maroon 5's first album Songs About Jane. A music video for the song was created and is included on the CD version of the single. The single was released 2004.

Meet Matthew (Matt) Campbell, the passionate wedding DJ and music expert behind My Wedding Songs. With years of experience in the industry and a keen ear for the latest trends, Matt knows just what it takes to create the perfect soundtrack for your special day. From classic love ballads to upbeat party anthems, his articles are jam-packed with insider tips and top recommendations that will have you and your guests on your feet all night long.

Superb! Watch now the world premiere of Maroon 5's 'intimate' music video for "Love Somebody", one of the band's greatest songs ever, and the fourth official single from Maroon's platinum-selling newest studio album "Overexposed". Watch above!

The music video for "Love Somebody" premiered on Tuesday night, opening with glimpses of a shirtless Levine rubbing his paint-covered body. The video continues, showing everything from the other band members to a drum set fully doused in paint against a white background -- take a look above.

The music video was released on Vevo on May 21, 2013. The video was directed by Rich Lee. The video features Levine and Emily Ratajkowski as his love interest, as well as the members of the band are covered in grey paint. Levine initially paints himself out of a purely white background and then paints Ratajowski in front of him. The last scenes feature the band member's instruments spraying paint when played continually, a girl dancing seductively and Levine and his love interest passionately embracing - all done while covered in grey paint. In the very last scene, Levine reverses what he has done, removing all the paint from the scene, leaving no trace of them behind.

"I don't know where to start, I'm just a little lostI wanna feel like we never gonna ever stopI don't know what to do, I'm right in front of youAsking you to stay, you should stay, stay with me tonight, yeah" He doesn't want it to end, but he also doesn't know how to begin to show this. He's begging her to stay. He's a little confused. "I think about you every single day" He can't get her off his mind. I think he's obsessed. "I really wanna dance the night away" I think she's just a fun person, and he wants to be a part of the fun she has. "But if I fall for you, I'll never recoverIf I fall for you, I'll never be the same" He might be obsessed, but it's not love yet. He knows if she let him love her, and vice versa, it would have a deep impact on his life. If it didn't work out, he'd be screwed over for life. She's just that great. In the video he's painting her... feeling all of her. She's painting him too. I think he's so lonely that he wants to just feel loved by someone, but he's letting the woman he loves know that she's the one.

In setting out to do something like ranking every Maroon 5 music video ever, it's important that a make a very important statement. This is Maroon 5 we are talking about. There's no such thing as ranking their music videos from good to bad. This list ranks their music videos from excellent to slightly less excellent (but still awesome). So, now that you've set your expectations accordingly, here is my definitive ranking of every Maroon 5 music video ever.

The song paints an intense picture of a toxic relationship by describing physical and sexual abuse. The musician creates this dark poetry with philosophical rhymes, which leaves much room for imagination and well-meaning to create your own story around every line.

The music video for this song features Saoirse Ronan, who plays the abuser and victim in their relationship. It also promotes domestic violence awareness by donating proceeds from sales to anti-domestic abuse charities.

The lyrics of this song are filled with emotion, telling the story of a couple who have been through something difficult. First, their love was pronounced dead, but they realized it was not true when both parties started to change their minds again after being apart for so long.

This is a song about love that has been in deep conflict. The singer, who lives in fear of revealing her feelings to him because he might move on and marry another woman if she opens up more than just friendship with this male friend (loved one), creates distance between them while they both pine for each other still.

The song quickly reached number one in the US and the UK. Many music critics say it's one of the best songs of all time, the best song of the 21st century so far, and certainly one of the best love songs from the 2000s.

Like most of Taylor Swift's best love songs from the 2000s, this song won several accolades, including becoming the first country song to reach number one on the Billboard Hot 100's all-genre Radio Songs list.

Aside from the insanely memorable chorus, there's a lot to love about this 2000s staple. The song depicts the innocent story of someone promising their loved one a wonderful life after finally getting together again.

The story goes that if you watched the second-season finale of Grey's Anatomy, you bawled your eyes out to this song. The song depicts someone asking someone they love to lie somewhere quiet with them, where maybe they'll find another way to say they love them.

You probably did not expect a boy band to sing one of the most stirring and emotional love songs from 2000. Each member brings their best to this song, singing heartfelt lyrics about promising to be your love's hope and strength through thick and thin.

Adele is not the first artist to cover this classic love song, but she knocks it out of the park. Her hushed vocal performance lets the profound lyrics about giving love to those who need it, no matter the sacrifice, shine bright.

Written for the Pearl Harbor soundtrack, this song speaks more about keeping someone's memory close, but it's just as beautiful as songs celebrating new love. Whether or not you've lost a loved one, listen to this song with a box of tissues nearby.

Thanks to this song's lyrics about heroes sacrificing for their loved ones, it became an unofficial anthem after 9/11. If you don't see it as a song about remembering heroes, it can also be a song about being there for someone, kissing away their pain, and holding them close when they need it.

The endearing lyrics and simple musical composition helped make this song a hit, certified platinum in the US and UK and gold in Italy and Denmark. It also made the top 50 in several US Billboard charts, peaking at 46 in the Billboard Hot 100.

You probably won't find a cheesier love song from 2000 than this, but it's still heartfelt and sweet. Sometimes, you want nothing more than to hold the one you love, and Martin and Aguilera's voices come together to express that simple wish to love someone special.

While the true story behind this song is not the sweetest, and the lyrics are not the most swoon-worthy, indie rock and alternative music fans can find a lot to enjoy in this short, easy-to-memorize number. 041b061a72


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