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Watch Two And A Half Men S06E08

Charlie has never really been a great role model, and this appears to be the case when he makes a comment about "getting action" regularly and not needing a wife unless one has a sick desire to give away half of their possessions. Jake hears this and says it at his mother's house in front of her support group.

Watch Two And a Half Men S06E08

At the agency, Don pauses while watching Peggy comfort a bereaved Ted before the stimulant suddenly takes effect. That evening, Don rummages through a magazine pile and asks for Ken. He tells Ken he is confident he can create a winning Chevy ad campaign but needs to see the executives in person to present the work. Ken begins tap dancing during their manic conversation. Don then visits the creative team and gives them an impromptu motivational speech, with Peggy calling his words inspiring but asking for an actual idea.

Back at the apartment, Ida and Sally are in conversation, with the latter continuing to ask questions. Ida introduces herself to Bobbie and asks about a gold watch of Don's that she says she wants to fix. Sally calls the police once Ida leaves the room to look, believing still that the latter is a con woman. Ida enters the room, grabs the phone from Sally, and convinces the police that Sally is simply performing a prank call. She then warns the children to go to sleep.

At the agency, when Peggy and Michael arrive at Don's office, Don says he has an idea. Peggy is frustrated by his inability to articulate it and realizes that Don is focused on something other than Chevy. Don leaves. Peggy finds Jim surreptitiously watching Wendy and Stan in flagrante in another room. Annoyed, Peggy goes home. Don goes to his own apartment, talking manically to himself and trying to plan a way to talk to Sylvia and win her over. He finds Megan, Betty, Henry, and the children in the living room with the police. Betty scolds Don, who then remembers having left the back door open, for what has occurred. Don then faints. In a final flashback to his past, Amy is kicked out of the house, and Don is viciously beaten by Abigail when she learns that Amy had "taken [his] cherry."

Don later wakes up in his apartment, and Megan apologizes for the earlier events. Don and Sylvia later run into each other on the elevator; both say practically nothing. Don calls Sally at work to tell her he's okay, and assures her that he's "sure she's fooled plenty of adults too." Sally says that she's embarrassed and that she realizes that she knows nothing about him. He asks her to forget about the earlier events, admits that he had left the apartment door unlocked, and takes the blame himself. Don visits Ted and Jim. Ted is greatly disappointed in the results of the past 72 hours, noting that Chevy was even spelled wrong in the resulting work. Don refuses to create further work for Chevy, saying he will only evaluate the other creatives' work. When Ted protests, he replies, "Every time we get a car, this place turns into a whorehouse." Ted and Jim watch Don silently and blankly as he goes back to his office and shuts the door.

Anyway, if you get a chance, go back and rewatch Breaking Bad. The show is still excellent, but Better Call Saul has made it even better and given us a deeper understanding of the various criminals deeply affected by criminal mastermind Heisenberg.

Of course, Lady Crane is killed in the process, horrifically by the waif. It's kind of a waste of that entire storyline, to be honest. Then Arya is chased through the streets of Braavos by the waif, only to get to where she hid Needle. She faces her adversary, slices the candle in half, dousing the flame, and then...

All told, this was the eighth episode of the season and it showed. The big battle is slotted for episode 9. Some terrible, huge reveal is slotted for episode 10---likely having to do with Bran and the White Walkers. I'm excited for the final two episodes, even though I really don't want the season to end, and another year to pass before we get to watch Game of Thrones again.

Don calls Megan, who's watching his kids and the apartment. She's upset because she has to go to a play and he's not back yet. In fact, he's been at the office for a couple of days. She leaves Sally in charge of watching the kids.

Meanwhile, when Jake asks Alan to go to the movies with him for bonding, Alan gets suspicious and asks Jake what he did. Jake confesses that he mooned a bunch of girls in school. He also confesses to Alan that a pregnant Judith has grounded him for two weeks. Jake attempts to watch tv without catching heat from Alan who soon catches him in Charlie's bathroom, telling him if television is really important to him. Charlie later finds Alan in Charlie's bathtub, with Alan replying "Hello".

He sends Dean and Sam to Buffalo, New York to investigate what appears to be a werewolf attack. When they arrive, they learn about another attack--so far, both a landlord (Erik Gieszelmann) and a dockworker (Ronald Garrigan) have been found with their chests ripped open and their hearts missing. Sam does some research and discovers what the two men have in common: Cal Garrigan. If anyone threatens Cal, they end up dead. They follow him and wait for him to turn into a werewolf, but an entire night passes without him changing. Then, when Cal is murdered in the same fashion as the other victims, their next suspect is Cal's girlfriend, Mandy Duren. Sam is ready to take her in, but Dean is reluctant to capture and take her to Crowley without being sure of her culpability. He goes to see the scene of Cal's murder and do some more research while Sam keeps watch on Cal and Mandy's house. Although Dean doesn't find anything, Sam sees the family dog, Lucky, change into a man, put on clothes, and leave the house.

This week's episode of "Mad Men" got speedy when a "Dr. Feelgood" stopped by SDPCGC and injected half the office with an "energy serum" that fueled them to work the weekend on the Chevy account. As Don and the creatives crammed and Ken Cosgrove tap danced, things got pretty weird. So what exactly was that speed serum?

A classically trained theater actor, George's most recent stage work had him starring in the well-received but controversial production of 12 Angry Men at the Pasadena Playhouse. The play, with its half-white, half-black cast, won the NAACP Theater Award for Best Production; and George had the honor of playing Juror No. 8, the role made famous by Henry Fonda and Jack Lemon in film versions. In a prior stage outing, George played the lead in U.S. poet laureate and Pulitzer Prize-winner Rita Dove's epic drama, The Darker Face of the Earth, which relocates Sophocles's Oedipus Rex to the plantation south in 1820. 041b061a72


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