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Kiss Icon On Facebook Chat

This is also a great way to keep your BFF handy. Just follow the above steps and an icon will be added to your device's home screen so you can start a chat with your friend without even opening Messenger.

kiss icon on facebook chat

2. Tap the emoji icon located to the right side of the message box.3. Then, tap on the loudspeaker icon at the right to open up the Soundmojis menu in Facebook Messenger. Here, you can find all the available Soundmojis that you can send in a chat.4. Tap a Soundmoji to preview it, and Messenger will play the sound related to it. You can tap on any of the Soundmojis multiple times to listen to the sound once again before sending it.

Apps such as Facebook and Snapchat are big on Emoticons, and they are used in various ways. Facebook gives you the option of adding emoticons to pictures you upload called stickers, comments, or using large unique emoticons in the Messenger app.

To change the emoji, open the chat thread and tap the encircled i icon at the top-right corner. Tap on the Emoji option and select your favorite emoji from the list of emojis. You need to swipe left to access more emojis.

To create a voice recording, open the chat and hold the mic icon on the left side of the typing area. Once done, remove your finger to send it. If at any point you want to cancel the recording, drag it upwards.

Are you head over heels in love? Use these free kiss emoticons and smileys to share your love. We've got all types of animated kissing smileys, you're sure to find a kiss emoticon you like.

There are many things we can discuss and express adequately over an email or an IM conversation when we're far away, but that's not quite the case when it comes to physical attention. Kissing is one of those things that's hard to share over the net, and this is where our free kiss emoticons come into play!

These kiss emoticons are about as close as you can get to the real thing over the Internet. Of course sending an emoticon is not the same thing as looking into someone's eyes, feeling the soft touch of their lips and sharing a kiss; but there isn't much of a choice. You can send these virtual kisses to your boyfriend or girlfriend over MSN; we're sure they'll enjoy receiving them, specially if they like being kissed!

you can add these free animated smileys and emoticons to MSN Messenger, Live Messenger, etc. We also give you codes to post them on forums and websites like MySpace, Bebo, etc. It doesn't even matter if you're a good kisser or not, everyone can use these emoticons and smileys. One last friendly warning; be careful in your choice of kissing emoticons and who you send them to, you've been warned!

Emoticons are animated icons that may be sent through in-game or dashboard chat channels. Dota Plus subscribers may equip emoticons in their Chat Wheel. A maximum of four emoticons can be displayed per line.


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