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Cracked / PiratedIf your copy of the game is illegally acquired, as in cracked or pirated, then there is no guarantee the trainer will work, nor will WeMod update the trainer to do so. WeMod does not condone theft of intellectual property - buy the game properly.

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Visible as glowing yellow cracks on walls, the Energy Cracks found on Lua confer a random buff to the squad for up to 60 seconds upon a player performing a Wall Latch onto its location. If the same buff is obtained from two or more different energy cracks, the effects will stack.

In their review, Edge thought that "The magic of Kerbal Space Program is not just that it manages to be both a game and a simulation, a high-level educational tool and something that is fun to simply sit and tinker with. It's that, in combination, these qualities allow for a connection with real history and real human achievement... Its ultimate promise to the player is not that you'll crack a puzzle that has been set by a designer, but that you'll crack a puzzle set by reality."[43]


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