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Luis Shaikh
Luis Shaikh

Construction Simulator PC Pobierz Darmowy Torrent

Enjoy the best of construction machines and equipment in construction simulator 3, the sequel to the best simulation games from Astragon entertainment. Players can use real-life vehicles from various companies like Caterpillar, case, bobcat, atlas, bell, etc. Players have to take diverse and challenging contracts from simple road construction to complex houses using actual equipment. The realistic simulations in the game provide authentic gameplay and controls. The game offers a more realistic view with the latest update of the cockpit view for the machines.

Construction Simulator PC Pobierz darmowy torrent


Construction simulator 3 offers a brand new set of difficult and exciting contracts and a variety of new machines to add to the fleet. The latest version offers the players 50 vehicles from almost 15 manufacturers which can be unlocked by completing contracts and discovering new maps. Players have to choose the right machines for the job and help shape the skyline of the city while expanding their fleet. Unlocking new challenges and sections of the map by exploring in the free mode. Work is also more fun with friends and so players can start games where the one that creates the game acts as the lead in a construction company managed by all of them. 041b061a72


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