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[S1E3] I Killed Everyone He Did, But Backwards ...

And it does. The process of transferring power ends up taking a toll on Viktor and Allison can't stand to watch it. At one point, she gets engulfed by the force field Viktor and Harlan create when they connect their powers, and it seems to amplify her own superpower: She screams at them to stop and it works without her ever having to say "I heard a rumor." So that's something interesting and fun that will probably come up later! Both Harlan and Viktor, however, don't want her interfering. Allison is the saddest girl, to be honest. She won't stand by and watch Viktor kill himself to help Harlan get rid of his powers for reasons he won't fully explain, but she also has nowhere else to go. So, she's around when the transfer of power finally does work, and she's there as Viktor is resting when Harlan makes the big mistake of thanking Allison for letting them do this even though he kind of, sort of killed the moms and caused the paradox. Allison has been looking for someone to blame for the loss of her daughter, and now she has one right in front of her. Is she angrier at Harlan for what he did, or at Viktor for keeping the truth from her?

[S1E3] I Killed Everyone He Did, But Backwards ...

When everyone discovers Luther's body, Reggie tells a story about how it must have been the Guardian who killed him. His plan works: Just as the Kugelblitz is about to take the Hotel Obsidian and end the universe, everyone rallies together to run through the portal and get justice for Luther.

As the holder of rank 4 in the entire tower, Urek holds a vast amount of power and skill, easily outmatching almost everyone in agility, strength, Shinsu Control, and many other fields of battle and is also extremely skilled and aggressive in almost every Position in the Tower, his main Position being Fisherman. Urek Mazino, while standing on his final Position, had once knocked down a Light Bearer who was also on their final Position; figuratively speaking, it's similar to a goalkeeper scoring a goal from across the entire field.[1] After entering the Tower, he was able to pass all of the Floors to become a Ranker the fastest out of anyone in the Tower's history, taking only a tenth of the average time people usually scale the Tower in (50 years). Prior to the Zygaena's flower test on the 21st Floor, Urek killed several Rankers that were sent after him and soon after easily beat back Team Tangsooyook and nearly killed Baam with a single tremendous attack, although Baam managed to scratch him before going down and he was protecting Miseng. After the test, he completely foddered the three Rankers that came to stop him within seconds. He also claims that in order for him to not be embarrassed while talking about it, it has to be at least 1000 other Rankers against him.[11] Urek's extraordinary power and skill was later shown further during his time in the Floor of Death, where he effortlessly defeated the Slayer Karaka using only 1% of his power and his index finger, with Karaka noting that it would be impossible for him to beat even one of Urek's fingers and opting to abandon the fight by self-exploding himself. He was also able to easily outmatch and defeat Hell Joe, empowered by the Red Thryssa, with only 10% of his power, leaving Joe and Baam utterly astounded by Urek's overwhelming power. Po Bidau Gustang commented that should he refuse to return the souls of the inhabitants of the Floor of Death, Urek in his rage could destroy the Po Bidau Family. Garam Zahard even wanted Urek to kill Zahard, suggesting she believed Urek was strong enough to do so. 041b061a72


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