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The following is a list of notable manga magazines that were, and are published outside Japan. Not all magazines abroad published their own manga or had the rights to serialize manga originally published in Japan. To qualify for this list, the magazine has to have serialized manga included, or have a section discussing manga. Manga discussion can either be through reviews, or upcoming manga release info in detail. All magazine titles are written the same way in English, unless otherwise noted.

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In one of my least favorite examples, a magazine ad for a video game (brought to me by a sixth-grade boy) depicts a highly sexualized woman with a dominatrix air brandishing a weapon. The heading reads: "Bet you'd like to get your hands on these!," meaning her breasts, er, the game controllers. And the man or boy not in the picture but looking on? The ad implies that he's just another low-life guy who lives and breathes to ogle and grab every large-breasted woman he sees. 350c69d7ab


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