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One 2 Ka 4 - Wikipedia

The One 2 Ka 4l: A Review of the 2001 Action Drama Film


The One 2 Ka 4l is a 2001 Indian Hindi-language action drama film directed by Shashilal K. Nair. The film stars Shah Rukh Khan, Juhi Chawla and Jackie Shroff in the lead roles. The score and soundtrack were composed by A. R. Rahman. This film is now owned by Shah Rukh Khan's Red Chillies Entertainment.

The One 2 Ka 4l


The film belongs to the genre of action drama, with elements of comedy, romance, thriller and crime. It has a rating of Not Rated by IMDb, which means that it may contain some violence, language, nudity or sexual content that may not be suitable for some viewers.

The film tells the story of two friends and cops, Javed Abbas (Jackie Shroff) and Arun Verma (Shah Rukh Khan ), who work for the Anti-Narcotics Bureau. Javed is a widower with four children, while Arun is a bachelor who loves to flirt and gamble. When Javed is killed by a drug lord named KKV (Nirmal Pandey), Arun becomes the guardian of his children. He also meets Geeta Choudhary (Juhi Chawla), who claims to be Javed's sister and wants to help him with the children. However, Arun soon discovers that Geeta is actually an undercover agent sent by his boss to spy on him, as he is suspected of being involved in Javed's murder and drug trafficking. Arun has to prove his innocence, find out who killed Javed, and deal with his feelings for Geeta and the children.

Analysis of the film

The strengths of the film

One of the main strengths of the film is the performance of Shah Rukh Khan as Arun Verma. He showcases his versatility as an actor, playing a complex character who is both a tough cop and a caring father figure. He also displays his charisma, charm and humor, especially in his scenes with Juhi Chawla and the children. He makes the audience empathize with his struggles, dilemmas and emotions.

Another strength of the film is the chemistry between Juhi Chawla and Shah Rukh Khan as Geeta and Arun. They have a natural and playful rapport, which makes their romance believable and enjoyable. They also have some emotional and dramatic moments, where they express their love, anger, betrayal and forgiveness. They complement each other well, as Geeta is smart, strong and independent, while Arun is impulsive, reckless and vulnerable.

A third strength of the film is the action sequences and stunts in the film. The film has some thrilling and exciting scenes, such as car chases, shootouts, explosions, hand-to-hand combat and helicopter stunts. The film also uses some special effects and CGI to enhance the action scenes. The film does not shy away from showing some violence and bloodshed, which adds to the realism and intensity of the film.

A fourth strength of the film is the music and songs composed by A. R. Rahman. The film has a diverse and catchy soundtrack, which includes songs in Hindi, English and Tamil. The songs range from romantic ballads to upbeat dance numbers to rap songs. Some of the popular songs are "One Two Ka Four", "Sona Nahi Na Sahi", "Khamoshiyan Gungunane Lagi" and "Allay Allay". The songs also fit well with the mood and theme of the film.

The weaknesses of the film

One of the main weaknesses of the film is the length and pace of the film. The film runs for 169 minutes, which is too long for an action drama film. The film also suffers from some unnecessary subplots, such as Arun's gambling addiction, Geeta's fake marriage, KKV's rivalry with another drug lord, and Arun's relationship with his ex-girlfriend. These subplots distract from the main plot and make the film drag at times.

Another weakness of the film is the clichés and stereotypes in the film. The film relies on some predictable and overused tropes, such as corrupt cops, orphaned children, undercover agents, double-crossing villains, fake deaths, etc. The film also uses some stereotypes, such as portraying Muslims as terrorists, women as damsels in distress or seductresses, children as mischievous or innocent, etc. These clichés and stereotypes make the film less original and less realistic.

A third weakness of the film is the lack of logic and realism in some scenes. The film has some scenes that are implausible or inconsistent, such as Arun surviving multiple gunshots without any medical attention, Geeta being able to hack into any computer system without any difficulty, KKV escaping from prison without any security measures, etc. The film also has some scenes that are contradictory or confusing, such as Arun being accused of killing Javed without any evidence, Geeta changing her identity without any explanation, KKV knowing about Geeta's true identity without any reason, etc. These scenes make the film less credible and less coherent.

A fourth weakness of the film is the negative portrayal of women and children in the film. The film shows women as either helpless victims or manipulative temptresses who need men to save them or control them. The film also shows children as either annoying brats or naive angels who cause trouble or need protection. The film does not give much depth or agency to these characters, and instead uses them as plot devices or comic relief.


The One 2 Ka 4l is a mixed bag of an action drama film that has some strengths and some weaknesses. The film has some good performances, especially by Shah Rukh Khan, some good chemistry between the leads, some good action scenes and stunts, and some good music and songs. However, the film also has some flaws, such as being too long and slow, being too clichéd and stereotypical, being too illogical and unrealistic, and being too negative towards women and children. The film is not a masterpiece, but it is not a disaster either. It is a decent film that can be enjoyed by fans of Shah Rukh Khan, Juhi Chawla, Jackie Shroff, or action drama films in general.

Some of the themes and messages of the film are friendship, loyalty, trust, love, family, justice, revenge, duty, and sacrifice. The film shows how friendship can turn into betrayal, how loyalty can be tested by suspicion, how trust can be broken by lies, how love can overcome obstacles, how family can be formed by bonds, how justice can be served by law, how revenge can be taken by violence, how duty can be fulfilled by responsibility, and how sacrifice can be made by heroism. The film tries to explore these themes and messages through the characters and their actions.

The target audience of the film is mainly the fans of the actors or the genre of the film. The film appeals to those who like to watch Shah Rukh Khan, Juhi Chawla or Jackie Shroff in action drama roles. The film also appeals to those who like to watch action drama films that have a mix of comedy, romance, thriller and crime elements. The film may not appeal to those who are looking for a more original, realistic or positive film.

I would recommend watching the film if you are a fan of the actors or the genre of the film. The film is not a must-watch, but it is not a waste of time either. The film has some entertainment value and some emotional value. The film may not be the best work of the actors or the director, but it is not their worst work either. The film is a one-time watch that can be enjoyed with low expectations and an open mind.


Q1: When was the film released?

A1: The film was released on 30 March 2001 in India.

Q2: How much did the film cost and earn?

A2: The film had a budget of 12 crore and a box office collection of 13.82 crore.

Q3: Where can I watch the film online?

A3: You can watch the film on Netflix with a subscription.

Q4: Is the film based on a true story or a remake of another film?

A4: No, the film is not based on a true story or a remake of another film. It is an original story written by Sanjay Chhel, Raaj Kumar Dahima and Manoj Lalwani.

Q5: What does the title of the film mean?

A5: The title of the film is a play on words that means "One for all" in Hindi. It also refers to the four children that Arun has to take care of after Javed's death. b70169992d


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