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Small Steps go a long way

Small Ssteps is an non profit organisation hoping to support those in need and hopes to contribute in various ways. At Small Ssteps, mental wellbeing is at the forefront of what we’re working for. We have programs and activities designed to handle specific issues people face on a daily basis. We also sell products to bring about awareness and change to peoples’ lives on a small scale by taking small ssteps. the profits from our sales will go to a metal health organisation based in singapore.

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Small Ssteps at a Glance

Taking small steps in making a change and bringing a smile to someone's face.

Motivation and inspiration can sometimes be hard to grasp therefore, realising that many people have experienced anxiety has prompted us to work as a team to tackle issues and provide coping methods for anxiety. Small Ssteps hopes to help people to become more motivated and confident in themselves. We are willing to take small steps to make our world a brighter place. We hope you join us in bringing these changes to provider a future that is a more optimistic and happy. Small steps go a long way.

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Thomas fuller

“All things are difficult before they are easy”

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Making A Difference

What We Do

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Inspirational cards

We designed cards for different groups with inspirational phrases to motivate people. Some are for students who suffer form exam stress, some are specially customised for blind people to “read”, some are for raising awareness on current issues or on national days. For example, Small Ssteps plans to design cards on Women’s Day, Cancer’s Day, Teacher’s Day and etc to raise public awareness on these issues. Nonetheless, we also have specialised cards for unusual events like graduations, holidays, advice cards and so on. We hope we could pass an optimistic and positive message through these cards to help lighten others’ mood.

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Get your Product custamized :D

 we are here to hear you out and make your product with a more personal and deeper meaning to you. 

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